Whole Sale 100pcs/lot Cycle / Bike alloy rear gear mech derailleur hanger dropouts with Bolts Mixed order – 180 styles

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Read before purchase:Tail hook is the frame parts, according to the different frame is different, is not universal,Many chassis manufacturers, a large number of tail hook mold.The shop hanging ear model, basically meet the common frame tail hook configuration. If you don’t know this shop can provide reference for identification, but also have a certain ability to identify friends please,There is no sense of observation, rely on the seller of the car, this shop to service after the frame is not in our hands!The shop does not assume any additional costs (the cost of delivery and return) due to the inability to determine or to determine the wrong type of purchase!

The lower right corner of the tail hook represents the number of the tail hookNot on the left main map of the sort of compilation Oh, please note that).

Color and appearance: most of the silver, black, a few have other colors. Due to the different appearance of the purchase batch may be engraved on the manufacturer number or LOGO. If required please inquire after clear orders on the color and appearance of the surface.

Material: aluminum alloy (53, P-8)

Bicycle frame fixedScrew(note that the screw is not installed, the screw is after the tape, we are not.) The enclosed screw which belongs to the gift, M5, M4, M3 for the vast majority of the frame, if not for you to solve the frame, please.

* 15 and 29, shape and size of the same, the difference is that the No. 15 using M4 screws, 29 use m3 screws (reference frame: Merida HFS, challenger, Ares, TFs, THF frame).

*53 material for iron, suitable for steel frame after oblique hook claw. This is the hook claw can be used for hanging type rear derailleur (hook dial) frame mounting direct dial (eye dial) need to use the adapter. With this thing, a lot of old frame can get rid of only can dial ty series after the embarrassing, can be upgraded to better rear derailleur.

*18 number and size of X92, the appearance of the same, different screws with 18 M4 screws, X92 using M5 screws, manufacturers are different, the price is different.

*2 and X94 appearance there are subtle differences, please be careful to distinguish, manufacturers are different, the price is different.

No. *33 and No. 75 length of 33 long about 5.5CM, 75 long about 5CM, the same width, the basic installation hole to.

common problem
Q: I use a certain speed after the dial, a certain model of the transmission system. What should be used for the tail hook?

Answer: tail hook hanging ear is a frame of the accessories (hook after the dial with the exception), and with what speed and after the dial has nothing to do.

Q: my car is the XX brand car frame, which tail hook to use?
Answer: customer service, in addition to some of the hot frame, it is impossible to know what all the frame of the tail hook. Please send pictures to the customer to determine (on the Internet looking for pictures and please their car with the tail hook for consistency. Because some brands may have different batches of the tail hook is also different

Q: how about the strength of the tail hook? There is no steel?
Answer: the vast majority of hanging ear usedMaterial is6061 aluminum alloy. Why not steel, when accidentally broke the car, you may encounter a transmission lead to deformation of transmission function. After the hook is made of aluminum alloy are allowed to have certain deformation, so as to protect the transmission is not damaged. When severe bump after the hook can be broken, afterwards alone for a new can, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance frame. Steel intensity is too high, can not protect the role of.

Q: can you guarantee that you will be able to ensure that the funds can be used to buy the tail hook if you do not have to do?
Answer: as long as you clear the picture, in our experience the recommended style almost did not miss. Of course, if there is any uncertainty in which we will truthfully report, not to sell goods to induce customers to order, you must decide whether or not. We only bear if the tail hook is consistent with the online photos.

Q: how do you like the quality of the tail hook so poor, how it was not long before the broken. There is no warranty
Answer: do not complain about the quality of the tail hook is not good, you can go to the store to see if it is not the same. Is to do with the tail hook and a fuse, car transmission problems, tearing, breaking off the tail hook, card sure. In particular to remind those on a tail hook is riding in a sudden break, be sure to check well, do not rule out the problem of speed, the tail hook again break is sooner or later. If it is broken, the new end of the hook after the hook must check whether the smooth. Tail hook is wearing parts, no warranty, almost all brands of vehicles, car frame manufacturers are not in the scope of the warranty.
Broken tail hook for no reason at all, not for no reason but because of transmission problems, under normal circumstances, the lug is not subject to more vigorously, hook tail is caused by forging than the body is more fragile once the stress is too big, affirmation variant, broken. If we say that the feeling is not credible, you can go online to search for answers. Repeatedly reiterated that the role of the tail hook and the fuse, you use a fuse, due to a short circuit is burned, not to check why the burn off, and to criticize the fuse quality is not good?

Inform the buyer:

1,Tail hook material is low hardness of aluminum alloy,Mounting screws must be Qingrou, do not use brute force, some buyers think screw tightening the better it is wrong, like 29 m3 screw, force easily slided. There must be installed on the right, do not tilt the hard into the hard. We have to clean and opposite, it is easy to let the tail hook wire port damage.

2, such as your tail hook often in the ride of the variant breaks, please check the dial and the transmission system is a problem. Tail hook affectation and fuse the same transmission if there is a problem not ruled out and replaced with a new tail hook will snap or clip off. Special remind those who love severe car (jump ridge, jump step, advance wheel, tail riders).

Above two pointsPlease be careful not to break, to blame the shop on the tail hook problem and the strength is not high. There are buyers installation error to cause damage, it come back and say we send the goods in question. In this case, the man-made damage, or quality problems, a good resolution. Is the quality problem we are never selection committee, is man-made damage please buyers honestly tell, please believe that we give a reasonable solution.

About installation: the shop is only the sale of the tail hook, how to install and debug speed, more than the scope of the goods, the need for customers to solve their own, if you do not go online search video tutorial. This product does not distribution installation tools, installation tools, please bring your own.

About express: the default hair STO. Have certain emergency please contact customer service to send SF fare.

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